Global warming

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I agree with Gary. While theories of global warming ought NOT to be
dismissed simply as "junk science", neither is there sufficient
evidence that extreme measures need be taken. And I consider a treaty
costing our economy hundreds of billions of dollars to be extreme.

The fact that 80% of the economies of the world are exempt means that
it is also unfair.

On 23 Oct 97 at 12:34, Gary Freitag wrote:

> >I am surprised that a physicist would make such a remark.  I agree, if
> >it
> >exists, its dimensions are unknown.  The question I ask - does that mean
> >the best choice is to just ignore it?  Talk about burying one's head in
> >the
> >sand.
> >Stephen Frye
> Whats needs to be considered is the opportunity cost of spending 100
> billion dollars a year on this issue.  Perhaps the benefits of using
> those resources somewhere else would produce greater benefits.  Add
> to that the great uncertainty as to the effectiveness of taking such
> actions in addressing the problem, or even if the problem exists or
> has anything to do with mankind.
> I am reminded of the acid rain debate in the early 80's and the
> drive to spend billions to clean up smoke stack emmisions on power
> plants. Reagan fought it (by wisdom or luck) on the grounds that not
> enough information was available.  It became clear in the late 80's
> that power plant's contribution was a drop in the bucket compared to
> the automobile.  Had action been taking, it would have been money
> ill spent.
> Anyway, not taking action does not necessarily equate to putting
> your head in the head, its about weighing the alpha risk with the
> beta risk.
> gary
> gfreitag at

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