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Ma ZhangKai rongguang.zhou at SJZ.COL.CO.CN
Wed Oct 22 18:42:53 MDT 1997

Ma ZhangKai wrote:
> I am pleased that you are making a diligent study of God's Word, and was
> happy to respond to your questions at great length -- by private email.
  Thank you for you answer--althrough it is not the best. I am not any
kind of religions believer and not ready to joinning any kind of
religions, But I like to read that all books, like read another
rewarding books. If have any questions about that books, I think it is
the best that I ask for the believable answer for this religion's
believers, Thank you, Helen, afterwards, I will continue to ask you (By
private mail), If you like to help me.

> world-wide. Now, let us return to our original discussion of Xu Yongze
> (Peter Xu), and others like him who are being persecuted daily in China.
> What have you to say about that?  When will the communist Chinese
> government stop waging a battle it cannot and will not win?  When will
> China throw off the onerous yoke of communism and let its people worship
> the One True God freely?  When will communist China open the prisons and
> free the martyrs and  erect a wailing wall in memory of all those Chinese
> Christians who have been murdered for their faith?
> Looking forward to your response, ZhangKai.
   I never heard the name of Xu YongZe or Peter Xu,  Maybe he is a
"dissident" of religion of China? But as I know, Christian and others
religions are not being persecuted in China today, If it was, I think
the time is thirty or twenty years ago. Now the religion is freely in
China (but the comunist cann't believe any religion, because communism
is godless), you can read <the white book about religion> issued by
China government a few days ago.
  Certainly, the truth isnot so bad as your news or orgnaization said,
like that I heard about your country is not so bad as my propaganda
said  before 1978. today, China is opened the door welcoming all friends
to introducing China to others country, and sending a lot of men to know
others country, today, China is know more about outside world, but
always have some country and his people cann't like to know China,
cann't change his views about China, he always cann't believe the words
of China, cann't believe the excellence side of China, it is all the bad
side that he can believed. if someone's mind as above, and convert his
mind to deed, he is not a dinkum Christians.
  This is a misfortune for us and you, I think.

Ma ZhangKai

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