White House long-distance records confirm Clinton calls to donors

Helen editors at TCLQ.ORG
Thu Oct 23 20:31:55 MDT 1997

Look, why not leave Clinton alone on this.  None of this means anything.
The law doesn't apply to him.  Besides, it's an obscure law anyway and no
one really knows what it means.  What's the big deal with a few phone
calls?  Come on!  We've got a president who cares more than any other
president has, one who's trying to do so much for us, protect us from
tobacco, global warming, el niño, environment polluting Republicans and all
of that, and we want to bring charges against him because of a few lousy
phone calls?!!! For crying out loud!  I mean, how can we want to do this to
a guy like Clinton?  We know stuff about him that we didn't know about any
other president.  Stuff like, he wears briefs instead of boxers, he copped
a few feels off of a babe in the WH and she was "disheveled, dazed, and
joyous", so it must've been some kind of feel, y' know, he's always ready
to present arms for the babes, y' know, and he's suffering from empty nest
syndrom because Chelsea's gone.  Give the guy a break, for goodness sake,
the guy's homeless, no other president who's ever worked so hard in all his
life has ever been homeless.  Besides, everybody knows there's no
controlling legal authority on any of this.  I mean, like, right, fer
>Slowly, but surely, it's happening.  How far will it go?  How high will
>it go?


Helen Cadogan

I Know That My Redeemer Liveth!


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