White House long-distance records confirm Clinton calls to donors

Helen editors at TCLQ.ORG
Fri Oct 24 00:04:51 MDT 1997

>Thank you, Helen Carville.  Larry King will be calling you soon for a spot
>on his show.
>>Look, why not leave Clinton alone on this.  None of this means anything.
>>The law doesn't apply to him.  Besides, it's an obscure law anyway and no
>>one really knows what it means.  What's the big deal with a few phone
>>calls?  Come on!  We've got a president who cares more than any other
>>president has, one who's trying to do so much for us, protect us from

I've heard he asks some dumb questions, or is it just fluff.  Anyway, I'll
practise my 'duhs'.


Helen Cadogan

I Know That My Redeemer Liveth!


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