Heroes, Villains, and Two Bit Lawyers

A. C. Szul mack97 at EROLS.COM
Fri Oct 24 12:17:22 MDT 1997

"...The liberal press and other history revisionists have relentlessly
sought to convince the public that the nineteen eighties were a decade
of greed and deceit. The desire to perpetuate this myth helps to
explain their readiness to jump on any Reagan-bashing bandwagon.

President Reagan is not in a position to defend himself now due to his
medical condition.  In another era, some might have described this
group strategy of incriminating a disabled former president as "beyond
the pale," perhaps even despicable.  In mounting a defense for their
party, it seems as if certain Democrats believe that the end justifies
any means whatsoever, without regard for civility or decency.

The very idea of linking the current president with Ronald Reagan is
absurd on its face. President Reagan never skirted campaign spending
limits, never met with arms dealers, mobsters, drug merchants or front
men connected to foreign contributors, and never withheld requested
materials from Congress. There is no indication that President Reagan
ever made calls directly to individual donors from the White House to
solicit specific amounts of money, unlike the present occupants..."

SOURCE:  Heroes, Villains, and Two Bit Lawyers
James Hirsen (hirsen at earthlink.net), The Covenant Syndicate, 10/23/97,
vol. 1, no. 57, (Back Issues posted at:


Tha fact of the matter is that folks are sick and tired of this
administration constantly comparing itself to that of Ronald Reagan's
**(EXCEPTION:  Policies are exempt from this statement.)**

Our current Prez went so far as to watch videos of Reagan (yes, this
*was* reported by the press) and has repeatedly attempted to mimic him
in public. (i.e next time our Prez speaks at a public event, just watch
his mannerisms, incl. his slight head movements, the speed of his
rhetoric, his one-liners, his walk [to and fro the WH, his helicopter,
etc...], has hand movements when answering questions from reporters at
the WH and so on..and picture Reagan instead....) Granted there's an age
difference (as far as his energy vs Reagan being slightly more laid
back), but I would submit that overall the similarities *do* exist.
Reagan's being genuine though.

But at the same time, with no regard or respect, allows his staffers to
go digging into Reagan's CA library to find any videos that show the
Gipper and his supporters at a rally of some kind. Just put a negative
spin on it - say
        "Hey, your 'hero' did the same thing I'm doing,
        so why pick on me,"
the media will of course back us up and there we go..."I'm just like

UGH!?  I'm sorry, but he's no Reagan.  Never has, never will be.


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