One of the people of China's declaration to Ken,to Papapaul

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Fri Oct 24 15:10:41 MDT 1997

At 12:08 PM 10/22/97 +0900, Ma ZhangKai wrote:

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>  I have been said: freedom is not freely. China innovation must be
>performing slowly in proper sequence. I have a view  myselfe's, Any kind
>of rule sysetm has a policy to foolish the people. you elected a man as
>your leader between two party or the third, after he catch the power of
>the country, you and you people begin to abuse him, oppose his policy,
>comment he do something is wrong, is harmful for your benefit, a commom
>people's benefit, or anothers things, you clamoring, but nobody pay
>attention to you...... afer four years, you and you people drive him
>fill out of his power, but you must electing again, then all that thing
>is beginning again..... what do you think? It is a game only? one of you
>already told me: we have a choice after all, but you have not. it is not
>a answer, a useless choice is not a choice.

        <<<<<<<< S N I P >>>>>>>>>>>

        Dear Mr. Ma,

        Most of the people on this discussion list did not vote for
        Clinton.  In fact, most American voters did not vote for
        Clinton.  Now, after his election, do you believe that we
        Americans should keep our mouths shut when we discover
        Clinton abusing political power?  Clinton works for US.
        We are his employer and we have a right to complain to him
        when he is not doing his job.

        IMHO, governments and politicians should never be trusted.
        They must ALWAYS prove their honesty to me.  Power
        corrupts (those in political office) and absolute power
        corrupts (them) absolutely.

        Regards, PapaPaul

>Ma ZhangKai

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