Current Quotations: re Hershel Gober

A. C. Szul mack97 at EROLS.COM
Sat Oct 25 03:08:06 MDT 1997

Current Quotations
Associated Press, 10/25/97 01:12

``His heart was not in the process. There were so many distractions. A
rumor de jour.'' -
        Jim Holley, spokesman for Hershel Gober, who withdrew
        his nomination for secretary of veteran's affairs Friday after
lawmakers decided to go public with allegations of sexual

Does anyone know whether these allegations have been proven?

Are the lawmakers to blame for "deciding to go public" or does Hershel
Gober truly *not* deserve the post b/c of these "allegations?"

Is that all it takes to derail a nominee - "allegations."  Regardless of
whether proven or not?

And what do they mean by "rumor de jour?"

"It all starts at home." - anonymous

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