NOT LIKE WATERGATE...but some say, ""I want to stay alive"

A. C. Szul mack97 at EROLS.COM
Sat Oct 25 15:41:46 MDT 1997

CONGRESS ACTION:            October 26, 1997

"..NOT LIKE WATERGATE: Vince Foster. Ron Brown (and those on the plane
with him). Barbara Wise. Ron Miller. In our political lexicon, Watergate
is considered the epitome of political scandal and corruption. Each and
every political scandal since then has been compared to Watergate, to
see if it measures up -- or down -- to the standards of venality
supposedly set by Richard Nixon. Whenever one of Bill Clinton's many
scandals are mentioned, a favorite defense from Clinton apologists is
"But it's no Watergate." And they are, in one respect, correct. Nobody
died as a result of Watergate. But people connected with various Clinton
scandals keep turning up dead. Suicide, accident, natural causes, all
innocent and fully explainable, of course. Nothing sinister going on at
all, just a very unlucky and accident-prone bunch of people. Then
consider the cryptic comment from Clinton pal and fundraiser Charlie
Trie, now hiding out in communist China. He refuses to come back to the
United States because "I want to stay alive", he told an ABC
interviewer. Analyzed statistically, considering all the people known by
a president, probably nothing for Trie to worry about. But very curious



"It all starts at home." - anonymous

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