One of the people of China's declaration to Ken,to Papapaul

Ma ZhangKai rongguang.zhou at SJZ.COL.CO.CN
Fri Oct 24 19:28:47 MDT 1997

ma ZhangKai wrote:
> Oxymoron is two mutually exclusively terms that are used together usually
> for emphasis, humor and/or sarcasm. Such as: Hot ice or dry rain. Some
> things are not real oxymorons but are called such for the sake of humor or
> sarcasm. A common example is that some people claim "military intellegence"
> is an oxymoron. "Military intellegence" is actually a branch of the military
> that gathers information about the enemy (spying, in part). The reference is
> sarcastically saying that because the military does seemingly stupid things
> some times that there is no intellegence in the military. Hope that
> clarifies it for you.

   Thank you,Dennis, I think it is very useful for me for the side of
English study.

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