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> From: John Nebel <nebel at>
> Subject: Re: Global warming
> Date: Saturday, October 25, 1997 10:26
> Richard,
> This is really being treated as a difference of scientific opinion?
> Perhaps not.  Where is the principled discussion?  Why such a rush to
> action on incomplete evidence?
> My personal opinion is that global warming/ozone hole/power line
> nuclear power plant emissions/radon is a crock, but I'd be willing to
> at real evidence as it trickles in over the long term.
> As for "Marxist Dialetic", I just tossed in that phrase because it
> pompous, but upon reading the article on dialectic in the 11th edition:
> "used in common parlance in a contemptous sense for verbal or purely
> abstract disputation devoid of practical value," the label probably was
> more accurate than intended, especially if one views Marxism historically
> a fight for the common peoples' interest which results ultimately in
> furthering the interests of a privileged few.
> "To all that which thou provest me thus, I refuse to give credence, and
> hate."
> John Nebel

        By chance, area TV interviewed two Texas science types a
 few days ago.  Equally sobre in appearance, one saw a danger,
while the other did not.

        I agree with you that questionable and excessive spending
can occur in environmental matters, just as in any other ones.

        From time to time I have seen treatments of exposure to
radon or other elements, although the evidence seems to be thin
on this point.

        Perhaps of mutual interest, several years ago there was a
flap over mercury in fish.  Luckily, there were a few specimens of
fish in Japan, preserved since 1890.  The mercury level in these
ancient specimens was comparable to the level in the 1990's.  I also
recall an apple scare and a grape scare.

        The reference to "Marxian dialectic" was interesting.  In essence,
some people in or out of government like an audience, and a scare
is one means of obtaining same.

Richard Swerdlin
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