Global warming

Johno economic at NETINS.NET
Mon Oct 27 00:19:39 MST 1997


I once had a dog who died.  Dang global warming! :(  And I'd bet bucks
to donuts the bad grade I recieved in college algebra was due to the
same foul phenomenon!  Hey!  This works for just about anything!
I love global warming! :)

John Hammes

On Fri, 24 Oct 1997, Jack Tomsky wrote:

:-)If the weather is hot, the environmentalists say that it's due to
:-)global warming. If it's cold, they say it's because of global warming.
:-)If there's a drought or a flood, it's a result of global warming.  I
:-)have a question. What does the weather have to be like to disprove the
:-)global warming theory?
:-)   Jack

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   can be counted counts."

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