One of the people of China's declaration to Ken,to Papapaul

Ma ZhangKai rongguang.zhou at SJZ.COL.CO.CN
Mon Oct 27 00:54:21 MST 1997

Ma ZhangKai wrote:
 >        Most of the people on this discussion list did not vote for
> >        Clinton.  In fact, most American voters did not vote for
> >        Clinton.  Now, after his election, do you believe that we
> >        Americans should keep our mouths shut when we discover
> >        Clinton abusing political power?  Clinton works for US.
> >        We are his employer and we have a right to complain to him
> >        when he is not doing his job.
> >
> >        IMHO, governments and politicians should never be trusted.
> >        They must ALWAYS prove their honesty to me.  Power
> >        corrupts (those in political office) and absolute power
> >        corrupts (them) absolutely.
> >
> >        Regards, PapaPaul
> >
> ===============================================
>     Thanks, PapaPaul
>       Too bad, Mr.Ma can't talk without his "string pullers"
> since a communist society by its very despotic nature
> can not afford individual thought."
>       Ken Wyman

  Did you think that papapaul is right? Oh, you are wrong,wwrroonngg,
Please listen to me,
  As Papapaul said,"Most of the people on this discussion list did not
vote for Clinton.", I determine it is right, let's continue to
read,"most American voters did not vote for Clinton", is  it true? If it
is, why is Cliton your Presdent? not by vote, but by other way that I
never heard? I cann't imagine. or that figure is only 49% ? it is
surprise, whereever I have been gone which is protesting Cliton? please
extend it!
  Continue, Ken, Papapaul said,'Clinton works for US.We are his employer
and we have a right to complain to him when he is not doing his job.', I
think it is true, and our government said to me as this at all times.
But I never believed! employee? vassal? Cliton always consult with his
master before he make a dicision, but his dicision is always not his
master desire, why? the vassal has private planes, and has villa as
Daivi, has workroom as White house...... and others, if his master want
to interview him, the master must sufferred a seriers safety check and
interview his vassal by fixed procedure, that procedure according to the
master's dignity, why?  It is reported, if master want to have a meal
with his employee, he msut pay some dollar for it...... why?
  Thus above can be seen, as if the employee is a employee 'who
sufferring abused by 49% of his masteres' and 'who living is better than
99% of his masteres' , what do you feel as a master?

  I think both of the form of government, you have and I have, are not
the best rightous and the best, we need not rebuke each other, but we
need to do a thing that how to find out a form, it is not only fit for
you but also fit for me, this is importent thing that waiting for we to
  thank you, sir!
Ma ZhangKai

P.S.  Friends, only one things to bother you, if you desire to help me,
you can collecting some report to me that against ZeMin visit U.S.A or
speech said by  China dissident. then send to me......
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