Global warming

Emily Carder carder at MEMPHISONLINE.COM
Mon Oct 27 08:21:21 MST 1997

At 01:19 AM 10/27/97 -0600, Johno wrote:

        Dang!  Johno!  I think you've got a case for some kind of government
grants for the oppressed!  At the very least Jenny Jones ought to be
contacted!  Subjectd to the forces of nature, overcoming the resultant
personal tragedy, all becuase the guvmint wouldn't act on yer behalf!

>I once had a dog who died.  Dang global warming! :(  And I'd bet bucks
>to donuts the bad grade I recieved in college algebra was due to the
>same foul phenomenon!  Hey!  This works for just about anything!
>I love global warming! :)
>John Hammes


Emily Carder

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