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At 02:28 AM 10/28/97 -0800, you wrote:
>If you are cheering for Shirley Allen, the lady who
>has been holding off the Illinois State Troopers for
>more than a month with one shotgun and a lot of smarts,
>you can follow the story at
>Any of you any good at writing ballads?
>Regards, PapaPaul
two excerpts from the above mentioned article:

>Also, by Sunday, state police lab analysts had deciphered a Friday tape
recording in which Allen sounded >suicidal, Gainer said.
>He declined to release Allen's exact statement, saying it would violate
the court order police received to >record Allen.

>"She sounded not in her normal tone of voice," Gainer said at a Sunday
night press conference. "She sounded >angry. She sounded very frustrated .
. . and at the end of her rope."

I have no idea why this woman would be upset. </sarcasm>

>Trochmann, considered one of the statesmen of the militia movement, urged
the crowd at the Mount Auburn >Community Center to lobby legislators to
change Illinois law.

>The statute allows a judge to order police to take someone for a
psychiatric evaluation if the person meets >two legal guidelines:
>is a danger to oneself or others, or is unable to care for one's basic
needs. A police officer can also >pick up someone for an evaluation under
the same guidelines.

She wasn't a danger to the police dog until the cops broke out a window and
sent it in.
She wasn't a danger to the police until they surrounded her house, cut off
her utilities, broke out windows, and started shooting at her.

She's held them off for over a month now despite their constant
harrassment.  It seems to me that she's taking care of her needs quite well.
"Let's fire those fatcat bureaucrats at the EPA who are so dumb they could
throw themselves at the ground and miss." - James Trafficant(D) Ohio

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