Paula and Porky

Jim Nantz jim at COTTAGESOFT.COM
Tue Oct 28 08:07:48 MST 1997

I heard something on the radio a few days ago about some of the
distinguishing characteristics of El Presidente's willy.  It seems that
it's got some kind of abnormal curve in it.  After hearing this it occured
to me that this whole deal reminds me of the first Porky's movie.

In the movie three boys peek through some holes in the wall of the girls'
shower.  One of the boys tries to impress the girls by sticking a part of
himself through the hole in the wall.  The girls' gym teacher sees him
doing this and tries to detain him by grabbing hold of him.  The boy and
his friends get away.  Later the teacher has all three boys in the
Principal's office.  She says "That penis has a mole on it.  I'd recognize
that penis anywhere."

Later on some of the boys procure the services of a prostitute.  She has
them all strip so she can examine them for signs of V.D.  She looks at one
of the boys and says "that thing's crooked.  What's the matter, have you
been screwing around corners?"

Enough said.
"Let's fire those fatcat bureaucrats at the EPA who are so dumb they could
throw themselves at the ground and miss." - James Trafficant(D) Ohio

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