Global warming

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On Monday, October 27, 1997 8:09 AM, John Bush
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> On Sun, 26 Oct 1997, Stephen A. Frye wrote:
> > >But that is not what you said before.  You said we should spend the
> > >money to try and solve the problem.
> >
> > Sorry - read again.  I said we should not spend such a ridiculous
> > of
> > money.
> Not in the message I responded to.  That came later.  Regardless, you
> were stating that we needed to spend money on the problem,
> pre-supposing one.  Maybe that is not what you meant.  The problem
> is, most people are wanting money spent solving the global warming
> problem, not determining if one even exists.  And I will restate the
> three things I must know before trying to stop global warming:
> 1) is it occuring?
> 2) what is it caused by? (people?)
> 3) is it bad?

I don't believe you can really determine if one exists. The earth has gone
through such radical changes in is life time.
On now (previous 10000 years or so, a drop in the bucket for earth) has man
had any clue what was going on. Temperature, Weather patterns,
Atmospheric Radar and the like were a mystery to us. Maybe earth just
changes as time goes on. We can only make a correlation from the things
we do now (drive a billion cars, pump all kinds of industrial smoke and
soot into the air, deplete natural resources, kill rainforests) to what we
see happening
to the earth's properties. As for our effects on the earth. I really think
we overestimate the significance of the human race. Look at the Dinosaurs,
massive creatures
who rule the earth, where are they now. Scientists estimate that the sun
will supernova in approx. 7 billion year. ( I think that's it.) Do you
expect humans to be around that long?. I really don't. At least not if we
don't take care of earth. If we slow down the rate at which these *drastic*
changes to the earth (El Nino, Global Warming.) happen we could possibly
adapt to a hotter climate, with less oxygen, maybe even radiation.

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