Chickens Have Come Home to Roost

Helen editors at TCLQ.ORG
Tue Oct 28 20:40:16 MST 1997

Well, folks, NY has an HIV crisis sparked by one young man who, knowing
that he is HIV positive, wilfully had sex with and infected 70+ girls/women
(maybe a man or two) who thought that sex was a fair trade for drugs.  Some
of this 21 year old man's sexual partners were between the ages of 12-21+.
Authorities had to obtain a *court order*, before publishing this being's
name and HIV status, on the grounds that he represented an imminent danger
to the public health!  A court order!  Without that court order, his right
to privacy would have remained inviolate, in spite of the damage he's done
to many from upstate New York to NYC.

All STD are imminent dangers to the public health.  Yet, were it not for
the coddling of homosexual sensibilities, AIDS would have been treated like
every other STD, and the sexual partners of the infected would have been
sought and informed of the health risk early on.  So powerful is the
homosexual lobby in state and federal governments that lives are put at
risk in order that homosexuals and drug abusers, those whose activities
place them in the highest risk category for this disease (according to
Michael Fumento's The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS) can feel good about

In the meantime, predators like Nushawn Williams, aka Shytek Johnson,
spread gruesome death while public health officials sit with their thumbs
up their rears.  He had sex with 70+, who went on and had sex with several
people, who went on and had sex with several others, who....  How many
other Nushawns are out there, knowing and unknowing?

What struck me about this was not just the politicization of AIDS, but also
the absence of morality amongst the young, amongst whom momentary
gratification is of higher worth than self-respect or self-worth or any
spiritual value which holds pre-marital sex as sin.  They wanted a high, or
wanted to get laid, instead, they exchanged life for death.

The road leading to this nightmare begins with the dissolution of
community, the schools and their value neutral education, the societal
disdain for faith and morality, ....  it ain't worth continuing.


Helen Cadogan

I Know That My Redeemer Liveth!

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