The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost

Wed Oct 29 07:38:01 MST 1997

From:   NAME: Bill White
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        The situation is being viewed here in Chautauqua County with alarm.
Apparently some of the AIDS predator's sexual partners were quite young (12 or
13).  In all he may have had less than 30 sexual partners, but at least 12 of
them have showed up as HIV positive, and those partners have had partners who
have had partners, etc.  The trail apparently leads to NYC, Helen's neck of the

        The local paper reported the story but claimed to be bound by law not
to release the perpetrator's name.  On the evening news, both his name and
picture were revealed.  Sex for drugs is one of the motives that investigators
have reported.  I agree with Dennis who pinpoints the problem as essentially
behavorial.  Liberal policies may be culpable links in the chain of events,
though I doubt there will be any epiphanies forthcoming.

Bill White

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