Chickens Have Come Home to Roost

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Ah, Dennis, some person said -- out loud, on the news, mind you -- that the
best way not to get AIDS is not to have sex.  I was stunned!

Some statutory rape, yes, but even that is consensual, in a twisted way.
The whole lid blew because the parents of a kid wanted to bring statutory
rape charges against the guy.

I agree with you that personal responsibility cannot be disregarded; but I
think that when you have a generation subjected to value neutral education
and moral relativism, the ability to make the right choices are sadly
impaired.  Man still has within him a conscience, which no doubt speaks;
for many of this generation, that voice seems to have been muted, or to
have fallen silent.  IMO, the dissolution of community, the breakdown of
the family, the declining power of the church, the liberalization of
education and its promotion of an anything goes sex-ed curriculum, are at
the heart of a problem such as this, and have contributed to the stilling
of the voice of the conscience; all of these, at one time, served as checks
against the individual's immoral behavior and reminded of the choice and
responsibility to do right, thus strengthening the power of the conscience.
Absent these as strong forces in the lives of the young, what is left,
potentially, is a generation of predators for whom fulfilling the desires
of the self is the highest good, and to which fulfillment there must be no

Well, you're right, you're not likely to hear any of that of which you
speak.  To say AIDS can be stopped simply with moral behavior is to condemn
the homosexuals, the drug abusers, and the sexually loose amongst us.
Who's going to bell the cat?
>I fail to see the tragedy here other then the death of morals and the
>failure of parents as you say. I have heard no reports of forceable rape
>therefore all the sex was consentual. That being the case every infected
>person assumed and implicitly accepted the risks. However, I suppose one
>could argue that the youngest are not responsible. After all, abstenence,
>the only 100% effective safegard against HIV is ignored and indeed
>discouraged by liberal educators, the media and politicians. While
>promiscuity is encouraged with free condoms ( I believe there is a PA school
>district passing out condoms to 6th graders) and teens are given a false
>sense of security to satisfy political correctness. There is the real
>tragedy, but you will never read about that, instead there will be increased
>demand for money to find a cure for a disease, 93%  the spread of which,
>could be stopped overnight simply with moral behavior.
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