Shirley Allen

Tony astaple at NWLINK.COM
Fri Oct 31 17:12:02 MST 1997

We agree on more than we disagree Papa.

The law may be abused, but a neutral and detached judge supposedly found
probable cause to believe that the lady should be evaluated.  The lady's
family members made the application to the Court, not the State.  The
police were merely doing their job by following the Order of the Court
to present the lady for evaluation.

I have not read all the details as to how the lady was approached by the
police, but I have difficulty in blaming them for doing their job.

I agree that the cost of the circus was outrageous.

I still like to believe that it would take more than "Papa Paul listens
to Rush, so he must be crazy." for a Judge to sign an order like that.
But there are a lot of Carter appointees on the Federal Bench......

Any Civil law can be abused, and if her relatives have misrepresented
the facts to the Court, I hope she kicks their butts in a Civil Action.

Glad she was taken into custody without incident,


Papa Paul sez:
>         Thanks for your thoughts.  However,,,
>         Before all of this started, as I recall, she
>         had not posed a threat to anyone.  Relatives, I
>         believe, thought she might be suicidal.  But police
>         and State have treated her like a criminal and a
>         war-time enemy, certainly not with the respect and
>         compassion she deserves.  She took shots at troopers
>         when hey invaded her area, an invasion based on the
>         possibility that she is sick.
>         Beyond that, I always get uneasy when the State
>         forces psychiatric solutions on us, whether it
>         be involuntary commitments for us crazies, or
>         coerced ritalin for kids.  (Liberals have said
>         to me, "You listen to Rush?  You gotta be CraZY!"
>         And they believed it and would love nothing better
>         than to send the white coats over here!)
>         More than half a million bucks for bringing
>         Shirley Allen in?  (She was apprehended today.)
>         There are lots of dudes roaming my street right now
>         and each of them poses more real danger to citizens
>         than a whole bunch of Shirley Allens; yet, they will
>         have to actually hurt somebody before the law goes
>         after them.  As far as I know, Miss Shirley's only
>         violation was she said NO to a mental examination.
>         Still Cheering for Shirley Allen, PapaPaul
> >

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