Chickens Have Come Home to Roost

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Whilst reading  the following  snippet from another list,
I thought of you and your fine post  regarding the causes
of our  cultural messes.   The author, Marshall Fritz, is
one of the leaders in the movement to separate SCHOOL and
STATE   ~~~ PP


   Your description of psychiatrists is one of
the most concise and precise I have ever seen.

   Let me fess up that I am only a humble observer
of the psychiatric scene, not a professional in
any aspect of the healing business. But by both
good and ill fortune, I have been close to some of
their work with friends and family diagnosed as
ADD, ADHD, Manic Depressive, and depressed.

   Over 40 years ago, CS Lewis smelled the rat and
warned Christians to avoid any psychiatrist or
psychologist who is not a professing Christian.
His concern, valid to this day, is that many of
the atheistic and agnostic ones will see your
Christianity as part of the problem.

   For sure, none of them will ever say, "You are
depressed because of your disordered relationship
with God. Perhaps you are unwilling to accept his
forgiveness for past sin."

   If anyone has doubts about the credibility of these
people, I direct them to the DSM IV to diagnosis
302.2 (pedo philia). This latest version of the
psychiatrists' bible with definitions for all the
disorders they claim to treat has a new necessary
condition in order to diagnose a pedo phile: The
things he does have to bother HIM. There is no
mention of the victim. If he is not suffering

        "clinically significant distress or impairment
        in social, occupational, or other important
        areas of functioning,"

he does not, by their defintion, even have the disorder.

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