Governor Symington

Doug Bergner doug at NETWRX.NET
Wed Sep 3 18:16:41 MDT 1997

Well it has happened again, oh this time it wasnt a sharpshooters rifle
killing a small child, no. This time it wasnt a "strange fire" that did the
deed, no.
But another government sponsered assination has taken place, just as ugly
and obvious as before.  Today a jury of his "peers" found the governor of
J. Fyfe Symington III guilty of 7 of the 23 counts that he was on trail for.

I find it difficult to express my feelings of disgust, and dissapointment
over this "trial".  It is sobering indeed to consider the combined power of
the Unions and our Federal Government over us today.  I had occasion to
speak with a man who was recently released from prison.  I asked him how it
felt to be "out".
He looked at me and replied; "none of us are "out" I'm just in a yard with a
bigger fence" ......................think about it.

As for Jim Nantz being back on the list, all I can say is welcome back, and
I hope you are enjoying your new home.
"there are very few problems in the world that couldnt be cured by the
 appropriate amount of high explosives"

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