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Here's a little more info on why I think that the Federales wanted to get

He proved the validity of Reagan's argument that if you cut taxes and get
government out of the way the situation of the people will improve.  In
each of the last four years Symington pushed through income tax cuts and
worked to remove unnecessary regulations.  He also established a state
funded agency called the constitutional defense council which he set up to
challenge the Federales when they violate the 10th ammendment.  In other
words he kept his campaign promises and refused to bend over and lube up
for Bubba.  Bubba took offence to this attitude and was ticked off when Jim
Tucker was removed from office and decided to use Symington as an example
for the other governors who got it into their head to stand up to the
Federales when they're wrong.  Another thing, the stuff Symington was
accused of doing happened between 7 and 10 years ago.  Charles Keating was
convicted for crimes that happened during that time frame.  If what
Symington did was so terrible then why did they wait almost 10 years to go
after him?

Here's another point that got little if any attention in the national
media.  One of the jurors was kicked off the jury.  She did not think that
Symington was guilty of anything and she stuck to this when the jury was
deliberating.  The other jurors complained to the judge that she was not
cooperating and the judge had her removed.  It was later found out that
while deliberating the jurors were talking about issues that the judge told
them to ignore and that the lady who was kicked off the jury complained
about this.

I smell something fishy here.  The jurors are violating the judge's orders,
a juror complains about it and she's kicked off the jury.  Previously in
the trial the judge appeared to be trying to make sure that the Governor
was being given a fair trial.  Here's a theory I came up with:

The judge knew from the beginning that the Governor was being screwed.
During the trial he made every effort to make sure that Symington got a
fair trial.  While the jury was deliberating and this issue came up with
the juror he tried something new to help Symington.  Remove a juror who
should not be removed and don't grant a mistrial when it's discovered that
the jury was discussing issues the judge told them to ignore.  This makes
it easier for Symington's defence when they appeal because there will be so
many mistakes in the trial they can point to.

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