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 > Date:    Thu, 4 Sep 1997 09:59:03 -0700
 > From:    PapaPaul <febboy at IX.NETCOM.COM>
 > Subject: Royalty
 > Folks,
 > I don't want to comment one way or the other about the person
 > of Diana; I know almost nothing about her.  I'd just like  to
 > say: we rebelled a couple centuries ago to get the royals off
 > our backs, but it seems we cannot get them out of our psyche.
 > Wouldn't a free people, confident and mature in their freedom,
 > want to dismantle the monarchy?
 > Regards, PapaPaul

I heard an interesting slant from a citizen of the UK on the radio this
afternoon...the basic text of the show was the lack of visual empathy the Royal
Family was showing in public.  The caller basically stated that if the Royal
Family were to show too much emotion, then there would be no reason to have a
Royal Family perse, since the Royal Family is supposedly the figure head of the
UK and apparently required to show a stiff upper lip.


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