Papa Paul, Helen and Royalty

Jim Nantz 98564 at EF.GC.MARICOPA.EDU
Fri Sep 5 14:25:11 MDT 1997

Papa Paul wrote the following:


I don't want to comment one way or the other about the person
of Diana; I know almost nothing about her.  I'd just like  to
say: we rebelled a couple centuries ago to get the royals off
our backs, but it seems we cannot get them out of our psyche.
Wouldn't a free people, confident and mature in their freedom,
want to dismantle the monarchy?

Regards, PapaPaul

Helen replied with:

And at what altar will some folks worship when their gods and goddesses are

Helen I have your answer.  Unfortunately many of them will worship at the
altar of Bill and Hillary.

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