Helen Cadogan editors at TCLQ.ORG
Fri Sep 5 18:19:24 MDT 1997

>Barnacle, of the Boston Globe (I think), made a good
>point about our priorities, when he said he would be
>watching the evening news to see if Blather, Brokaw,
>Jennings, etc., would  now flock off  to Calcutta to
>attend that other funeral.

PapaPaul, here's why they will not.  The citizens of this world are
emotionally spent.  After a week's worth of weeping and wailing and
gnashing their teeth over Diana, I don't imagine that there will be much
fuel left to burn on Mother Teresa.  The global response to her death must
surely be, "oh"; else, the men and brethren of this world must search deep
within for a hidden source of new ululations.

Mother Teresa has gone gently into that good night; the lepers will mourn
her passing.  The media love glamor, not piety.

May God have mercy on her everlasting soul; and, may she rest in peace.


Helen Cadogan

I Know That My Redeemer Liveth!

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