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Kenneth E. Wyman kewcomm1 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Fri Sep 5 18:32:19 MDT 1997

On 09/05/97 17:53:37 you wrote:
>At 02:04 AM 9/5/97 -0500, I wrote:
>>  SNIP
>>  The answer can probably be found in his (Newt's)
>>capitulation to Clinton's budget demands
>>for new social engineering programs never
>>envisioned in his famous "contract."
   You commented:
>What do you suppose Newt has to gain by all this? He is destroying is core
>support and moderates will never support him even if he does move left. He
>has already be vilified in the press to the point were most Americans will
>never vote for him as president anyway. He is not stupid either. The only
>other thing I can come up with is that your assesment is wrong or you are
>attributing things to Newt that are incorrect. I sure don't see how Newt
can gain anything except political suicide if your assement is true. Sure
has me stumped.
there is speculation that Newt is trying to avoid any
controversy that could help his opposition to continue
to "paint" him as "nasty" which he believes the polls
show is his reputation among a majority of voters.
Ergo, his capitulation to the opposition.  If he has
eyes on 2000 for a run for the White House, he fears
that his pushing impeachment of the present occupant
would be used by the Dems to attack him ad nausium.

In reading various commentary about Newt, he's
being pictured as "the deer in the headlights."
They and I could be wrong, but to date such a
characterization appears as the base for his "don't
make waves" inaction.

Ken Wyman

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