FW: A Snowball's Chance in .........

John Michael johnv at BOOKTABLE.COM
Fri Sep 5 20:48:53 MDT 1997

:       Re: A Snowball's Chance in .........

>    there is speculation that Newt is trying to avoid any
>controversy that could help his opposition to continue
>to "paint" him as "nasty" which he believes the polls
>show is his reputation among a majority of voters.
>Ergo, his capitulation to the opposition.  If he has
>eyes on 2000 for a run for the White House, he fears
>that his pushing impeachment of the present occupant
>would be used by the Dems to attack him ad nausium.


If Newt is, in fact, considering running for president in 2000 it would
seem to be another indicator that the guy has lost all touch with

Don't know about other places, but here in Missouri he couldn't get
himself elected to judge a nose picking contest.

john v

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