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Not to belabor the point, but I agree with Helen and ask myself why the
Ritz, the hotel that old man Fayad owns and from where his son, Dodi,
and Princess Diana were leaving that fateful night, released a
surveillance videotape showing Di, Dodi, the driver and bodyguard all
plotting on how to escape the hotel w/out being spotted...the tape
*didn't* show anyone drunk and one would suppose that if they,
particularly the driver, were/was drunk THREE times the legal limit, as
was claimed by the gov't, there would have been some indications in the
tape....instead, the tape shows everyone, all four of those indivduals,
esp. the driver, sober and just plum walking round talking to the hotel
staff....Also, why couldn't ABC News corroborate with anyone that the
driver had indeed been drinking and was drunk?   Sure we here about his
"drinking" past, but would Dodi Fayed get in a care driven my someone
who he knew to appear drunk?  And with someone (Diana) he had just given
a $200K ring and allegedly "loved" so much? Hmmmmm?

Could it really be that a paparazzi on bike cut the car off as he was
shooting his pics and cause the crash?  Could none of the car's
occupants been drunk at all, and instead we're just being fed a story in
order to cover up the truth? Hmmmm?


Helen Cadogan wrote:
> Saw a clip on ABC Snooze.  The driver did not taunt the papparazzi,
> according to the tape from outside the Ritz; in fact, when the Benz left
> the hotel, no papparazzi were in sight.  From another snooze source: a
> motorist who was ahead of the Benz in the tunnel, said he saw, in his
> rearview mirror, a motorcyclist weaving in front of the Benz.
> Additionally, he said, he saw a flash (presumably of a camera); and,
> shortly therafter, he heard a crash -- by which time he was no longer in
> the tunnel.  Thus, according to snooze reports, while the driver was
> inebriated, that may not have been enough to cause the accident.  Most
> likely the actions of the papparazzi (with cycle and camera) were
> causatory.  I would imagine that, whether or not one is inebriated, a
> single camera flash, or rapid succession of the same, would adversely
> affect one's ability to steer a vehicle, especially one at high speed.
> No, I'm not an advocate of driving drunk.  I do wonder, though, what was
> this man's alcohol tolerance level.
> >All that aside and the fact that several people died which is always tragic
> >I am puzzled. This should be a perfet time to emphasize, by tragic example,
> >of the folly of driving drunk. The deaths were completely avoidable had the
> >driver not been breaking French driving regulations. This whole thing boils
> >down to irresponsible behavoir. On the part of the driver for being drunk
> >when entrusted with the lives of others and taunting the paparazzi as well.
> >On the part of Diana, who was the person in charge for permitting a drunk
> >drive to get behind the wheel and Diana's bodyguard for the same reasons.
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