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>Barnacle, of the Boston Globe (I think), made a good
>point about our priorities, when he said he would be
>watching the evening news to see if Blather, Brokaw,
>Jennings, etc., would  now flock off  to Calcutta to
>attend that other funeral.

I had a similar thought myself while reading this morning's Constipation and
Urinal. Diana was given 6 1/3  pages and this isse went to press before the
funeral even. While Mother Theresa received 2 1/3 pages. Oh yes, some of
that was shared with Hillery covering when the two met in '95. Diana's death
received a 2 inch screamer on the front page while Mother Theresa's death
shared the front page with Diana's funeral. Counting through back issues
Diana has been given a total of 22 2/3 pages to date while Mother Teresa has
been given 2 1/2 pages. Admittedly, Mother Theresa is more recent news but
some how....

Why do you suppose God gave Diana 31 years and Mother Theresa 87 while the
media gives Diana 87% of the coverage and Mother Theresa does not get even
31%? Why are so many calling Diana angelic and so few interested in the
cannonization of Mother Theresa? These questions are not to be taken as
negative with respect Diana but makes me wonder where the priorities are and
how we judge a person's life time acheivements. Or maybe it is me and I am
just too cynical when I view Mother Theresa's contributions to humanity as a
mountain and Diana's as a mole hill (admittedly mine are probably not even a
grain by comparison). Why are so many upset that clinton is sending Madaline
Albright (the only bright spot in clinton's politically correct cabinet) to
Diana's funeral (haven't heard who he is sending to Mother Theresa's)? I
guess I just can't get my mind to think like others, I just can't see it.

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