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>>Saw a clip on ABC Snooze.  The driver did not taunt the papparazzi,
>>according to the tape from outside the Ritz; in fact, when the Benz left
>>the hotel, no papparazzi were in sight.  From another snooze source: a
>>motorist who was ahead of the Benz in the tunnel, said he saw, in his
>>rearview mirror, a motorcyclist weaving in front of the Benz.
>>Additionally, he said, he saw a flash (presumably of a camera); and,
>>shortly therafter, he heard a crash -- by which time he was no longer in
>>the tunnel.  Thus, according to snooze reports, while the driver was
>>inebriated, that may not have been enough to cause the accident.  Most
>>likely the actions of the papparazzi (with cycle and camera) were
>>causatory.  I would imagine that, whether or not one is inebriated, a
>>single camera flash, or rapid succession of the same, would adversely
>>affect one's ability to steer a vehicle, especially one at high speed.
>>No, I'm not an advocate of driving drunk.  I do wonder, though, what was
>>this man's alcohol tolerance level.
I've not had a pix done in a long while.  To the best of my recollection,
there is some momentary blindness from the flash.  I would imagine that
successive numbers of such flashes would make it difficult for a sober
driver to see, definitely problematical when driving at high speed, even
more so if the driver is drunk.

The deaths occurred because of a *high speed* collision; of interest are
those factors which are contributary. Perhaps at 35 mph the driver would
have been able to stop the car successfully -- providing that he was not
attempting to avoid hitting a zigzagging cycle in front of him while being
blinded by a rapid succession of flashbulb flares.  But then, people have
been known to be killed in cars going at 10mph.  Shucks, I even hit the
windshield once whilst someone was going at about 5mph, so I've some
understanding of speed and impact force.

I wonder, had the conditions been different, if they would have
successfully negotiated the tunnel.  Was drunkenness enough to cause the
accident? Were drunkenness and high speed enough? To  what extent did
camera flashes affect a presumably drunk driver traveling at high speed?

Yup.  There's a price to be paid for having a big mouth.  We live in the
age of unrestraint.  To expect others to have control, when we have none,
is ridiculous.  Better to practise self-restraint and be able to kick the
butts of many.  If all else fails, pack a piece.

Besides, why should anybody be blamed for anything?  Blame implies guilt.
Who needs that?

I'm not looking to make any particular points.  This is an academic exercise.
>I'm not sure of your point. You are saying that had the driver not been
>legally drunk and not driving at speeds over 100 mph this would could
>happened anyway because of the camera flashes? That the extreme speed did
>not mitigate the damage but was only casually causal and the same deaths
>would have occurred at 35 mph? The accounts I have are just the opposite
>from yours, but then that is the media. I would suspect they are
>backpeddaling on the cause of the accident because they fear being
>criticized for attributing responsibility to the deaths.
>As an aside there was a small side bar in today's Constipation and Urinal
>about a boy that snuck out of a home for troubled boys, with others. He was
>found dead with his head bashed in by a rock. The conclusion? According to
>the AP writer, the cause was not the fault of his companions who admitted
>doing it even though there was no riot going on at the time. Nope, the cause
>was his "big mouth." Most of the article was apologizing for the murderers
>and attributing the cause of death to the boy being a "smart-aleck." Once
>again proving that assigning blame or responsibility for even the most
>haneous crimes is to be avoided.
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