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John wrote:
>(snip)  Liberals and
>conservatives may argue till the cows come home, but both can see
>the democratic system works better then anything short of theocracy.

        Since we are governed currently by a version of democracy and it is
OURS, we tend to think we have the best cigar in the box.  And we may well
have, but it gives us pause as we look at how eagerly, even joyfully, masses
of human beings have followed autocrats in the historic past.  And, no doubt,
they will do so again.  The Brits are showing their capacity to be mysteriously
moved to hyperbole over the death of Diana.  It is so "European" for masses of
individuals to be enchanted by the aura of charisma,
manufactured by media.  American are susceptible to the same forces, and
similar icons:  Marilyn Monroe, JFK.  Currrently, our polis has a mind-numbed
infatuation with the man with the trembling lip (who feels our pain).  This is
definitely a season for cynics.

Bill White

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