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Mon Sep 8 11:13:19 MDT 1997

On  Fri, 5 Sep 1997, PapaPaul wrote:

> At 11:01 AM 9/5/97 +0000, John Bush wrote:
> >On  Thu, 4 Sep 1997, PapaPaul wrote:
> >
> >> Folks,
> >>
> >> I don't want to comment one way or the other about the person
> >> of Diana; I know almost nothing about her.  I'd just like  to
> >> say: we rebelled a couple centuries ago to get the royals off
> >> our backs, but it seems we cannot get them out of our psyche.
> >> Wouldn't a free people, confident and mature in their freedom,
> >> want to dismantle the monarchy?
> >>
> >I don't think so.
>         You mean, a free people, confident and mature in their
>         freedom, would want to maintain a monarchy?
I just don't think they'd care.

> I think the current occupant of the White House is
> >proof that we do no better choosing leaders democratically than we
> >would have through an arbitrary family line.  Are you sure we've got
> >it right?
> >
>         I think many of our presidents have contributed
>         far more to the liberation of the individual than
>         any king or queen.  The most recent being
>         Ronaldus Maximus.  But I share your assessment of
>         our current Man Who Would Be King.
There were many kings who've done alot.  I think FDR, JFK, and LBJ
have contributed more to the destruction of indicvidualism than any
monarch in recent british history.

>         I was lamenting our slavish adoration of and apparent
>         need for royalty.

I understand.

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