school choice

James Fredrick Nantz 98564 at EF.GC.MARICOPA.EDU
Thu Sep 11 14:10:07 MDT 1997

Here's a little something I heard on the Fox News Channel today that may
end up proving Rush right again.  It seems that the Mesa school district
of Mesa, Arizona is running tv ads now in response to the growth of
charter schools.  The story explained how the charter schools work.  It's
a private school that gets it's money from the state.  The charter schools
have to put up with some state control but the people running the charter
schools do have more freedom in running the school than do the people over
at the public schools.  The public schools also have another incentive to
take students from the charter schools.  The charter schools get the same
state money per student that the public schools get.  Right now that's
$3600 per student.  The liberals in Arizona are also worried because
Governor Symington pushed through a tax credit that gives parents a tax
break for the money they spend on a private school education for their
kids.  I forget the amoun in question (Doug maybe you can find out how
much) but parents are allowed to deduct from thier state income tax bill
some of the money they pay for their kids tuition at the private school.

Competition brings about an improvement in the quality of the goods and
services offered.  In this case the quality of education can only be
improved upon.  When parents have a choice of schools to send their kids
to they most often use quality of education as the deciding factor.  If
the public schools are now facing competition for students they'll have to
get rid of this Heather has two mommies BS and teach the stuff that
parents want the kids to learn.  Parents have been fighting liberal school
officials for the last 30 years.  Now they're able to hit the liberals
where it hurts - the pocket book.

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