Mike Levine mlevine at UMR.EDU
Thu Sep 11 19:42:14 MDT 1997

:>Following was cut and pasted from my Libertarian newsletter:

:I think the article was well written - maybe even persuasive.  But is no
:different in thrust than Liberals' or Conservatives'.  It was advancing a
:political position and opinion.  Nothing wrong with that, but I tend to
:believe it was using her work to advance their goals.
:Why in the world can't we just ever accept something wonderful at its face
:value instead of using it to advance our own political platforms?
:Stephen Frye

Greed, plain and simple. If something could increase a politicians power
they will not only seek out and obtain it they will exploit it until it is
useless.  That's why Clinton made her an honorary citizen of the US. So
people would think he shared the same values and opinions of Mother Teresa.
I wish she had been the leader of a country. Then people would see how a
compassionate, caring person could lead a country. Free from the greed and
personal agendas too many of today's politicians practice.

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