A. C. Szul mack97 at EROLS.COM
Sat Sep 13 01:50:14 MDT 1997

Stephen A. Frye wrote:
> >This was in response to a political comment about Mother Teresa's death and
> >its political implications. I took your statement as a response to the
> >original writer and admonishing him for making a statement that "advanced his
> >political platform."
> That's right - I clearly remember what I said.  I disagreed with the
> posture of the comment.  Isn't that what discussion is all about - or are
> only discussion and opinions that agree permitted?
> It's OK when folks here don't agree with the presented motive of a liberal.
>  But if I don;t agree with the presented motive of someone questioning the
> popular political posture - you say I am outside the realm of intent of
> this news group.
> More fascinating every day.
> Stephen Frye
Gentlemen, in memory of wonderful Mother Theresa, don't you think that
instead of bickering we should do that which she always encouraged (and
taught) thruout her magnificant and bountiful life:  practice peace (&

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