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Sat Sep 13 13:21:47 MDT 1997

At 02:09 AM 9/13/97 -0500, Kenneth E. Wyman wrote:
>"One must fight, if only to have fought
>  according to one's conscience"
>September 12, 1997
>In the middle of the Most Holy Requiem Mass for
>Mother Teresa, Peter Jenkins asked one of her
>critics, Christopher Hutchins, to make an ad hominem
>attack on her life.
>Why this lack of common courtesy by Peter and ABC
>toward this woman of God?
>The probable answer lies in their failure to
>attack Diana in like manner during her buriel ceremony.
>Kenneth E. Wyman
        It was a pathetic performance.  Hutchins
        has a point of view that can be discussed,
        but when he started associating Teresa
        with the "sleaziest of the sleaze",
        Pathetic Peter made a stumbling
        retreat, hinting that this was not the
        proper place for a debate, effectively
        cutting off equal time for anyone else on
        the panel with a contrary view.  For God's
        sake, the reason ABC invited Hutchins in
        the first place was that he wrote a
        Teresa-bashing book and knew from the
        git-go that he was an attack dog.

        For me it was:

                Peter:  Chris, please bash Teresa for us.
                Chris:  Bash, bash, bash.  Bash, bash,,,,
                Peter:  This is not the time and place
                      to bash.  And no defending
                         Teresa, either.

Regards, PapaPaul

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