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PapaPaul febboy at IX.NETCOM.COM
Sun Sep 14 00:40:55 MDT 1997

At 11:23 AM 9/13/97 -0500, Kenneth E. Wyman wrote:
>On 09/13/97 09:40:42 you wrote about my commentary:
>>>FOR THE SOUL OF THE PARTY....Jack Kemp wants
>>>to help Bill Weld in his fight with Jesse Helms.  Having been
>>>"Gored" by Al in '96, he's about ready for a "gelding" by
>>>Jesse in '97.
>>The following is from Jack Kemp commenting on Al Gore's lectures
>>about "Global warming"; Miswestern Republican Conference,
>>Indianapolis, IN. 8/24/97
>>"There is no scientific evidence that Al Gore knows anything of
>>what he's talking about".
>>Kemp & his Repub ilk [like D'amato] remind me of the school-yard
>>"eddie Haskel". When the "school bully" is not around, they'll
>>"nah-nah-nah" behind his back.
>>Yet, when the bully shows up for a 'face-to-face', the Kemps & D'amatos
>>are the first to belly up.
>>They'll correctly posture before a friendly audience but tuck tail and
>>belly up when directly confronted by the Al Gore's & other Dems.
>>Kemp is not to be trusted & ought be rejected as the political
>>coward he is........unless, of course, one relishes losing more elections.
>>john v
>As sure as Clinton put the make on Paula,
>a Jack Kemp 2000 run will give the Dems
>another 8 years in the White House.
> Ken Wyman
        You two have got it right!

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