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Thank you for this info on Mr. Heston's speech.  I would like to know,
though, haven't heard this on the snooze, what was the media's reaction.
How was this reported in the press out your way, for instance, if it was.
>                     AMERICA'S FIRST FREEDOM
>     NRA First Vice President Charlton Heston had strong words
>for the national press corps: that their revered First Amendment
>may be less essential than the Second.  In a groundbreaking
>speech before the National Press Club yesterday, the world
>renowned actor and gun rights champion called the media to task,
>not just for slipshod reporting on gun rights issues, but for
>their pick-and-choose attitude on supporting the entire Bill of
>Rights.  "I say that the Second Amendment is, in order of
>importance, the first amendment," Mr. Heston intoned.  "It is
>America's First Freedom, the one right that protects all the
>others."  The NRA leader didn't spare the sword for
>correspondents who give gun rights supporters short shrift.
>"[Y]ou do not define the First Amendment.  It defines you.  And
>it is bigger than you.  That's how freedom works.  It also
>demands you do your homework.  Again and again, I hear gun owners
>say, how can we believe anything the anti-gun media says when
>they can't even get the facts right?  For too long, you have
>swallowed manufactured statistics and fabricated technical
>support from anti-gun organizations that wouldn't know a semi-
>auto from a sharp stick.  And it shows.  You fall for it every
>time."  Mr. Heston unveiled NRA's new national campaign to urge
>America to understand -- and embrace -- America's first freedom,
>the one right that prevails when all else fails.  The right to
>keep and bear arms.
>     In a letter sent to the The Miami Herald, Jim Brady of
>Handgun Control, Inc., claims that HCI is not "anti-gun."  And in
>a recent press release, HCI champions itself as "the nation's
>leading advocate for responsible and law-abiding gun use and
>ownership," despite the fact that NRA has been training Americans
>in responsible and safe handling of firearms for well over a
>century.  The same HCI that pleaded in federal court to retain
>the Washington, DC, gun ban, is now trying to dupe the public
>into believing that they are not "anti-gun," but simply "anti-gun
>violence."   In a futile effort to bolster this empty claim, HCI
>included with their press release a report entitled "States Given
> Back to School' Grades on Laws Protecting Kids from Guns."  In
>this report, they assign letter grades to each of the fifty
>states based on what HCI deems "essential to protecting children
>and teenagers from gun violence."  For instance, states lacking
>laws prohibiting the possession of a handgun by a minor, or the
>transfer of a firearm to a minor, are downgraded, even though
>these acts are already prohibited under federal law. Curiously,
>the top eight states with the lowest violent crime rates in the
>nation all received a rating of either D or F, while the state
>with the third highest crime rate received a B rating.  These
>recent claims are nothing more than poor attempts on the part of
>HCI to hide its obvious anti-gun agenda behind a "wool" of gun
>safety and responsible ownership.
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