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>Thank you for this info on Mr. Heston's speech.  I would like to know,
>though, haven't heard this on the snooze, what was the media's reaction.
>How was this reported in the press out your way, for instance, if it was.

You didn't ask about st. louis news, but i'll jump in anyway---------

zero, zip, zilch......but, as far as st louis news is concerned there are
no senate hearings, the chinese/lippo group don't exist, vince foster
is alive & well and quietly helping Habitat for Humanity rebuild the Mt.
Zion complex outside Waco, janet reno spends wednesday evenings
teaching ethics to a local girl scout troop, hhillary remains a virgin[while
chelsea is probably a 'secret' adoptee] and change-agent-bill gallops
around on his white charger jousting with the evil repubs.

enough to puke a dog off a gut wagon.

john v

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