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Helen editors at TCLQ.ORG
Mon Sep 15 19:46:07 MDT 1997

Sorry, John V; thanks for the update, though.  What state are you living
in?  Based on the news you're getting, I'm sorely tempted to say Comatose
-- not you, the state.

Yeah, we're discovering that it's all a media conspiracy to make nice about
Bill.  The Kelly guy who was canned from The New Republic because of too
many negative editorials re Slick.  How does that Algore song on Rush go
>You didn't ask about st. louis news, but i'll jump in anyway---------
>zero, zip, zilch......but, as far as st louis news is concerned there are
>no senate hearings, the chinese/lippo group don't exist, vince foster
>is alive & well and quietly helping Habitat for Humanity rebuild the Mt.
>Zion complex outside Waco, janet reno spends wednesday evenings
>teaching ethics to a local girl scout troop, hhillary remains a virgin[while
>chelsea is probably a 'secret' adoptee] and change-agent-bill gallops
>around on his white charger jousting with the evil repubs.
>enough to puke a dog off a gut wagon.
>john v


Helen Cadogan

I Know That My Redeemer Liveth!


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