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>Sorry, John V; thanks for the update, though.  What state are you living
>in?  Based on the news you're getting, I'm sorely tempted to say Comatose
>-- not you, the state.

Well, Missouri is a Comatose/schizophrenic having voted for
Boy Clinton, but also sending two repubs, Ashcroft & Bond, to the
Senate.....and not realizing its done either.

>Yeah, we're discovering that it's all a media conspiracy to make nice about
>Bill.  The Kelly guy who was canned from The New Republic because of >too
>many negative editorials re Slick.  How does that Algore song on Rush go

Is Boy permitted to run as Algore's VP in 2000?  I thimk he is. Well, no
matter. Boy will campaign so hard for Al that the voters will perceive it
as a Gore/clinton ticket........actually, it'll be packaged to look like a
clinton/Gore ticket again & that's how it'll be perceived [assuming the
repubs remain ineffective in bringing charges].

john v

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