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Mon Sep 15 23:17:37 MDT 1997


I haven't heard what their reaction was either, but I'd bet my little
doggie that it was treated in much the same way most of the really
hard-hitting stuff's treated; with as little comment as possible, and
with the idea that it'll go away if they ignore it!  The liberal
portion of the media will never change, but I think it'll get smaller
with time. :)

Looking forward to the day,
John Hammes

On Mon, 15 Sep 1997, Helen wrote:

:-)Thank you for this info on Mr. Heston's speech.  I would like to know,
:-)though, haven't heard this on the snooze, what was the media's reaction.
:-)How was this reported in the press out your way, for instance, if it was.

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:-)Helen Cadogan

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