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On 11 Sep 97 at 0:19, Richard Swerdlin wrote:
>  Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott is off base in saying that Weld
>  did not go about the nomination procedure in the right way, which
>  probably means that Weld didn't suck up to enough members of the
>  august Senate.
>  Richard Swerdlin
>  (swerdlin at

Off base or on, both the White House and Governor Weld know that if
one REALLY wants an ambassadorial nomination to succeed the very
FIRST thing (not the very LAST thing) one does is to consult with the
Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee. And, one NEVER
begins the process by publically criticizing said Chairman.

This was never a serious nomination but rather crude political
manipulation of the most crass sort. Weld has now paid his dues as a
moderate warrior against the EXTREME right wing of the party, Bill
Clinton gets points for sticking by his nominee, and the Washington
press corps gets a field day ripping into the senator they most love
to hate.

President Clinton is salivating at the thought of Republican
internecine quarrelling in public. However, IM(NEVER)HO I think the
president has miscalculated the amount of support Governor Weld and
the moderates command, both inside the Republican Party and among the
public in general. Not much will come of this episode, especially for
Governor Weld's presidential ambitions.

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