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Tue Sep 16 19:00:55 MDT 1997

>Clinton's Lawyer Seeks Deal
>President Clinton's lawyer in the Paula Jones sexual harassment suit says
>he plans to discuss a possible settlement to the case today. Robert
>Bennett says he will speak with William McMillan, a lawyer who is helping
>Jones put together a new trial team after her attorneys quit the case last
>week. Jones reportedly nixed a settlement deal reached between Bennett and
>her former lawyers, insisting on an explicit apology from the president.
>Bennett says Clinton will not apologize for actions he did not take.
>Earlier, spokesman Mike McCurry said no White House officials played a
>role in the IRS decision to audit Jones.
>Played no role?  None?  None whatever?  Why am I such a cynic?

Cause you've been there, heard that, flushed the crap, Papa Paul.


Helen Cadogan

I Know That My Redeemer Liveth!


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