Senate rules.

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Wed Sep 17 06:42:26 MDT 1997

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> Date:    Tue, 16 Sep 1997 08:50:53 EDT
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> Subject: Re: Senate rules.
> On 11 Sep 97 at 0:19, Richard Swerdlin wrote:
> >  Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott is off base in saying that Weld
> >  did not go about the nomination procedure in the right way, which
> >  probably means that Weld didn't suck up to enough members of the
> >  august Senate.
> >
> >  Richard Swerdlin
> >  (swerdlin at
> Off base or on, both the White House and Governor Weld know that if
> one REALLY wants an ambassadorial nomination to succeed the very
> FIRST thing (not the very LAST thing) one does is to consult with the
> Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee. And, one NEVER
> begins the process by publically criticizing said Chairman.

I believe Weld's performance there proves that he is NO diplomat.

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