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At 09:21 PM 9/16/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Well thank you, Dennis.  I guess I'll make that choice for myself, though.
>I choose to read rather than ignore.

Your reply the last time I sent one of these was that you discounted
everthing the NRA said because they were biased. Why the change of heart?

>Did the author happen to rank each of the ten in their order of importance
>- or simply put the one in which he expresses the most interest at the top?

The article stand alone. You read what I read.

>Almost seems self serving for anyone to say that the amendment in which
>they express the most interest is the most important.  Seems sort of slanted.

Since the NRA's sole purpose in the political arena (I am specificly
excluding its other purposes such as hunting, sport shooting, and of course
firearm safety) is to protect RKBA. Why in the world would you expect any
different slant and/or bias? Do you think HCI is biased as well? Who would
you consider unbiased in the RKBA arena?

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