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>First - pretty fascinating - when movie stars support liberal positions -
>we call them unqualified.

        What movie stars?  What issue?  When?  You are make a host of
assumptions here - straw man stuff.

>When Heston does it I should bow?

        What qualifications do you require of a person taking a position on
the 2nd ammendment?  Heston has a lot of experience with guns, war, and what's
at stake to preserve freedom.  Bowing is not necessary, substantive
argument is.

>First of all - I never mentioned one word about Mr. Heston's position on
>In this thread I have said nothing about agreeing or disagreeing
>with the 2nd amendment.  All I said was that I found it problematic and
>self serving for the NRA - not Mr' heston - to claim their pet amendment as
>*the* most important.

        Heston is a veep; he is articulating NRA positions.  The 2nd is not
exactly a pet (something one has taken a fancy to); it is a constitutional
right; currently it is in jeopardy.  Not just people who own and use guns, but
all Americans should be interested in defending that right.  Vigilance,
Stephen, vigilance!

>I guess this begs the question - if you believe our rights are "framed with
>muskets", and if the NRA is right about the 2nd being *the* most important,
>why do you suppose the fathers didn't make it the first one?

        Do you think the ammendments are listed by the authors in order
of priority?  I have never heard of such a thing.  In practical terms,
however, it can be useful to determine the protocols of power.  That is the
discussion the NRA and Heston are attempting to have and that you are avoiding
by throwing stones like "self-serving" in an attempt to tar a crusade with the
brush of moral contamination, as if the NRA were out only for itself and its
spokesmen and supporters care nothing about anything but themselves.  Please
pass the oxygen.

Bill White

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