"I can't recall," gains popularity....

Larry Long llong at CCAD.UIOWA.EDU
Sun Sep 21 20:01:52 MDT 1997

>On 09/21/97 18:09:42 you wrote:
>>Till this day some folks unfairly poke fun at President Ronald Reagan's
>>supposed "forgetfullness."  Wonder if those same people will turn their
>>attention to our current President who claims to not remember whether he
>>raised money from the White House? Hmmmm.....
>The "I don't remember" claim is the equivalent of the historical
>"I'm no crook."
>Ken Wyman

Sort of like "no contolling legal authority...." by what's-his-name (I
can't recall).
However, Nixon said it only once.  This crowd has concertedly uttered "I
don't recall"
so many times I sometimes wonder how they are capable of handling the simplest
tasks of the day, given such pitiful cognizant capabilities.  Compare this with
Billy Dale and members of the White House Travel Office who never stuttered
or conveniently suffered selective amnesia during their testimony last

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