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Stephen A. Frye safrye at CONCENTRIC.NET
Mon Sep 22 10:16:13 MDT 1997

>I believe he is talking about having stars like Meryl Streep
>testifying about the harmful effects of Alar.  Of course, it is a
>subject she was neither an expert on or qualified to speak about.
>Any guess at the qualification they expect you to have to defend the
>Bill of Rights?

Similar to what I meant, but not exactly.  Celebrities, for decades, have
borne testimonials to garner acceptance of a product or an idea.  Look at
any TV commercial.  People tend to listen to others they hold in some sort
of esteem.  It works - look at the support I have witnessed here for Mr.

However, the mere fact that one is a celebrity doesn't make that celebrity
an expert on any issue - either conservative or liberal.

To your question - Probably no qualification needed at all.  He is entitled
to his opinion and is free to lend support.  As is anyone else on any other
topic.  But if I read Mr. White (I believe) correctly, he was indeed
attributing some certain expertise to Mr. Heston.  I don't know either way.
 I never brought him up in the first place.

Stephen Frye

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